Enoch Arden

Enoch Arden

"The wedding scene acquires a Rosenkavalier-like gleam. It's a verbal treasure."


"A recommended recording of outstanding quality"

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A melodrama in two parts
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Richard Strauss

This suspense laden poem read with the accompaniment of music specially written for it by Richard Strauss tells the tragic tale of sailor Enoch Arden who vies with his friend Philip for the love of their childhood sweetheart, Annie. Enoch weds her but tragedy is on the horizon when Enoch is shipwrecked on an island for 12 years. On his return he discovers his wife is now married to Philip.

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Enoch Arden Op. 38




"Now when the dead man come to life"
Allegro agitato  



Enoch's confession





Enoch Arden Cover

Enoch Arden
Nicholas Garrett, narrator
Peter Hewitt, piano